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Shielded Fan Ventilation Panels

MAJR offers EMI/RFI shielded fan ventilation panels in a variety of materials and 5 different sizes.

Shielded Fan Ventilation Panels

MAJR Products’ shielded fan ventilation products(shielded fan vents) are manufactured to meet the commercial market’s requirements for a low-cost, high-quality EMI fan vent panel. These small fan sized shielded waveguides are available in five standard sizes using a 0.250” thick honeycomb material and have an overall thickness with gasket of 0.407”. Standard gasket is a Monel wire embedded in a solid silicone with an optional gasket of a beryllium copper fingerstock. Tin plate (MIL-T-10727), nickel plate (MIL-C-26074A) or a RoHS compliant plating are available upon request.

Shielding effectiveness is in the 50-60 dB range at 1 GHz, depending on the gasket material used. Standard lead times for MAJR’s EMI fan vents is in the two- to three-week range for most sizes, with quicker deliveries available based on plating and quantities required.

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Shielded Fan Ventilation Panels,

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Table 1 – Product Identification

Dimensions Dimensions Part Numbers
+.015” (038 mm)(038 mm) h
1.57” x 1.57” 0.625”(40mm x 40mm) 3031-04040-32
1.97” x 1.97” 0.750”(50mm x 50mm) 3031-05050-32
2.36” x 2.36” 0.875”(60mm x 60mm) 3031-06060-32
3.15” x 3.15” 1.125”(80mm x 80mm) 3031-08080-32
4.72” x 4.72” 1.250”(120 mm x 120mm) 3031-12012-32

For a tin-plated panel, use -42;
for electroless nickel -49;
for a filter media -57;
for RoHS compliant -90.
Other sizes available upon request.

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