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Rigid Frame Gaskets

rigid_frame_gasketsMAJR Products’ Rigid Frame EMI/RFI Gaskets consist of an aluminum extrusion with a specially designed jaw. When closed, the jaw crimps the fin of the knit wire EMI gasket to form a rigid construction with the EMI gasket held firmly in place.

This extrusion, when fabricated into a frame with the corners of aluminum extrusion mitered and heliarc welded, provides a gasket assembly that can be installed with flat-head screws. This design makes retro-fitting in the field a relatively easy task and at the same time provides a positive stop for controlled compression of the EMI Gasket.

Rigid frame gasket are especially recommended for large cabinet doors or access panels that are frequently opened.

For applications requiring a moisture seal, an elastomer strip can be bonded to the edge of the extrusion opposite the gasket or a dual purpose EMI and weather seal gasket can be installed in place of the wire mesh.

An added barrier to EMI/RFI interference can be achieved by utilizing a double-shielded construction. The double-shield gasket is recommended for large doors where controlling the mating surface joint unevenness can be difficult and expensive. A further consideration for utilizing the rigid frame approach is the load bearing support of extruded aluminum which aids in applications where shock and vibration are encountered.

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  • Built to your specifications: MAJR’s engineering team will work with you to design a Rigid Frame Gasket to meet your custom requirement.
  • Versatility of Materials: MAJR provides the standard knit wire mesh in either monel, tin-plated ferrous or knitted mesh over core as well as conductive elastomer profiles to best accommodate your requirement.
  • High EMI/RFI Attenuation Levels: The highest possible attenuation levels are achievable with MAJR’s EMI/RFI knitted wire gasketing. Attenuation levels beyond 110 dB in the E-Field and 65 dB in the H-Field are common with MAJRís shielding gasketing. Higher levels of attenuation are attainable with special materials and special design available through MAJR’s engineering team.
  • Resilient Gasketing Material: MAJR’s knit wire gasketing material acts like thousands of tiny spring members which are compressed and released with each opening and closing of a cabinet door or enclosure cover. The spring-look gaskets assure long life with consistent point-to-point contact, providing high shielding effectiveness and long life.


Rigid mounting frames, which provide a positive stop to prevent over-compression of shielded gaskets, can be mounted to the access cover or enclosure. Mounting to the access cover is the recommended method. This minimizes the possibility of damage to the EMI/RFI gasket during servicing when the cover is removed. Also mounting to the cover will add to the rigidity of the cover assembly.

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