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Shielded Metal Wire Mesh Products from MAJR Products

May 7, 2021

One common product you will find when dealing with EMI shielding is metal wire mesh.  But what is metal wire mesh and what does it do? Metal wire mesh is a strand or  wire knitted together creating a structure of woven and knitted  shielding material.   Different types of metal wire mesh include non-hardenable types, hardenable types,  nominal chemical composition nickel alloys, and austenitic types. Knitted metal wire mesh is very strong and durable with practical applications in air filtration, vibration  dampening, EMI and RFI shielding, mist elimination, and even gaskets and  sealing.   Welded stainless steel mesh is a certain kind of mesh ...
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MAJRAbsorber: Uses & Benefits

February 23, 2021

Radio frequencies (RF) are an amazing tool to send communications via airwaves to a receiver device that can be thousands of miles away. They’ve been harnessed since the beginnings of radio and now reach into every crevice of daily life for consumers and manufacturers.   Unfortunately, radio frequencies also cause Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) in the radio frequency spectrum. It’s a disturbance generated by an external source, such as a cell or radio tower or an internal source such as a switching power supply or microprocessor affecting a vulnerable electronic circuit (victim) by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or ...
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EMI/RFI Connector Gaskets: What, Where and Why, from MAJR Products

January 20, 2021

When thinking about EMI/RFI connector gaskets, one of the best analogies might be in your own home, with water.  Water can be a godsend or a curse.  It needs to be contained in your plumbing system which takes it to where it is useful.  But a leak within your home or from the outside elements causes serious problems.  Now take that analogy up a notch.  Think of connector gaskets as the protection, keeping signals where they need to be where ever there is a connection to a bulkhead.  They stop stray EMI//RFI noise or “leaks” from causing problems.  They seal, ...
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Conductive Rubber for EMI/RFI Shielding & Environmental Protection

December 15, 2020

Conductive rubber may be one of your most valuable assets when engineering for civilian or military projects.  It can help you achieve both EMI shielding and environmental protection of your application to required specifications.  It can also be cut or shaped to your needs, making it very versatile.  Conductive rubber could be one of those go-to products during engineering, provided you know a few use-specific properties.   Conductive Rubber – A Primer Conductive rubber is the big umbrella or generic term for conductive elastomer or any rubber-like materials designed to help squelch EMI/RFI noise.  It protects the function of your application or, in ...
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EMI Shielding for 5G: It’s a Whole New World

November 10, 2020

5G (fifth generation) is the newest communication infrastructure and electronic device  advancement to enable a multitude of faster, more functional, comprehensive technologies and human services available to everyone.  5G is used with mission critical communications, internet of things (IoT) and mobile broadband telecommunications.   5G Frequencies and Wavelengths The FCC recently granted 280 MHz from 3.70 to 3.98 GHz for the popular mid frequency 5G band.  The popularity of this mid range is due to increased speed of data deliverability compared to the low range, and increased connectivity in buildings compared to the line of sight high range.   4G relies on lower frequency bands ...
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EMF vs EMI: The Difference is a Little More Important Than One Letter

October 19, 2020

A lot of engineers use the terms interchangeably, but project success with proper electromagnetic shielding is more easily achieved with a proper definition!
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Shining a Transparent Light on EMI Shielded Windows

September 3, 2020

Wherever there is a window in a hardened enclosure, whether it’s in something as small as a handheld device or as large as a shipping container, there is the probability of EMI contamination.  EMI shielded windows are designed to solve this problem.  They allow for separation between the interior and exterior of a shielded unit while fulfilling two major requirements; needed transparency plus EMI attenuation.  They can protect against stray signals coming into or leakage coming from the unit itself. In medical devices, for example, small units often use EMI windows to allow personnel to view inside and read data collected ...
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MAJR Products’s Knitted Wire Mesh: The Ultimate in Engineering & Flexibility

August 20, 2020

How many times have you wished you had one material – a “go to” choice for easier product design and engineering in EMI/RFI shielding applications – that offers: Superior EMI attenuation; Multiple materials available including monel and ferrous; Production-friendly capabilities for the prototype or large production runs; And is able to be shaped into 1000’s of forms for hundreds of uses? That product is found in MAJR Products’ knitted wire mesh. What is MAJR’s Knitted Wire Mesh? The vast usability of the product lies in the material’s design.  Knitted wire mesh is composed of .002 to .004 diameter wires which are woven into a fabric-type material resembling ...
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EMI Vent Panels: Standard and Custom Products from MAJR

July 21, 2020

EMI Vent Panels: Standard and Custom Products from MAJR Air flow is an important part of many military electronic systems. Keeping equipment cool and air flowing is paramount to long term electronic system stability but creating openings for cooling can cause engineering issues. During design and manufacturing many electronic systems needing protection from EMI/RFI will pose a challenge that needs to be addressed around air flow that can be solved with MAJR’s EMI vent panels.  EMI shielded vent panels take the worry out of EMI / RFI signal interference. They limit the amount of radiation from the external environment that can penetrate ...
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MAJR Products’ Replacements for GORE GS2100 & GS5200

June 18, 2020

Manufacturers of equipment for demanding applications such as wireless infrastructure, ruggedized scanners/readers, test equipment, defense and aerospace communications need reliable and cost-effective EMI / RFI shielding. Many are approved for military aerospace and spaceflight applications and typically combine good shielding effectiveness with light weight and low outgassing. They are offered in various forms, such as roll, sheet and peel and stick strips, that can be customized for a range of gasket solutions. Recently, W.L. Gore & Associates has discontinued their GS2100 & GS5200 materials resulting in an increase in need of comparable materials for EMI / RFI shielding.  MAJR Products has been ...
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