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Shielded Metal Wire Mesh Products from MAJR Products

One common product you will find when dealing with EMI shielding is metal wire mesh.  But what is metal wire mesh and what does it do? Metal wire mesh is a strand or  wire knitted together creating a structure of woven and knitted  shielding material.   Different types of metal wire mesh include non-hardenable types, hardenable…

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Waveguide Ventilation Panels from MAJR Products

What is a Honeycomb Waveguide Panel Shielding honeycomb waveguide panels let airflow into and out of an EMI/RFI shielded enclosure. The entering fresh air may be either cooled, heated, or at ambient temperature depending on the shielded enclosure environment and contents. For electronic equipment, the primary reason for airflow is usually to cool electronics; if…

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EMI Vent Panels – Air Flow

The curve in figure 1 shows the resistance per square inch of airflow vs. inches of H2O for standard EMI/RFI honeycomb vent panels.

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EMI/RFI Honeycomb Vent Panels

MAJR offers a wide variety of EMI/RFI Vent Panels in standard sizes which can reduce lead time and set up charges for our customers. However, we understand that some shielding requirements need special designs. MAJR’s team of engineers can assist with applications requiring special mounting or dimensions. For most applications, aluminum Code-32 honeycomb will provide…

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MAJRAbsorber: Uses & Benefits

Radio frequencies (RF) are an amazing tool to send communications via airwaves to a receiver device that can be thousands of miles away. They’ve been harnessed since the beginnings of radio and now reach into every crevice of daily life for consumers and manufacturers.   Unfortunately, radio frequencies also cause Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency…

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EMI Vent Panels

EMI Ventilation panels from MAJR Products are ready-to-install EMI / RFI shielded panels in standard sizes made from brass, steel or aluminum for the electronics industry with minimum static pressure drop. Shielding effectiveness is accomplished using waveguide design principles – its 4:1 opening to depth ratio. The choice of an EMI / RFI vent panel…

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Conductive Rubber for EMI/RFI Shielding & Environmental Protection

Conductive rubber may be one of your most valuable assets when engineering for civilian or military projects.  It can help you achieve both EMI shielding and environmental protection of your application to required specifications.  It can also be cut or shaped to your needs, making it very versatile.  Conductive rubber could be one of those…

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EMI Shielding for 5G: It’s a Whole New World

MAJR - 5G shielding

5G (fifth generation) is the newest communication infrastructure and electronic device  advancement to enable a multitude of faster, more functional, comprehensive technologies and human services available to everyone.  5G is used with mission critical communications, internet of things (IoT) and mobile broadband telecommunications.   5G Frequencies and Wavelengths The FCC recently granted 280 MHz from 3.70…

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Shining a Transparent Light on EMI Shielded Windows

MAJR Products -EMI Shielded Windows

Wherever there is a window in a hardened enclosure, whether it’s in something as small as a handheld device or as large as a shipping container, there is the probability of EMI contamination.  EMI shielded windows are designed to solve this problem.  They allow for separation between the interior and exterior of a shielded unit…

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