EMI Shielded Windows and Conductive Coatings

MAJR Products EMI windows provide excellent EMI shielding while providing superior light transmission and clarity. Options include hardness and anti-glare coatings and are available in polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass materials.

Conductive coatings from MAJR offer a quick and easy solution for hardening plastic enclosures and offer superior EMI/RFI shielding while suppressing electrostatic discharge (ESD).

  • EMI Shielded Windows
    MAJR Products provides EMI Shielded Window (3500 series) solutions to many industries based on requirements for electromagnetic shielding, high light transmission, coatings for hardness, anti-glare, and other optical considerations.

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  • Conductive Coatings
    For Hardened Enclosures Made with Plastic – Shield Them with Conductive Coatings from MAJR! Plastics definitely have their advantages when building hardened enclosures, BUT they easily allow penetration of EMI or RFI waves, causing enclosure failure.

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