RF Absorber & Ferrite Materials

MAJR Products RF Absorbor materials offer the perfect solution for GPS, antennas, radar, and board level applications. Our revolutionary MAJRabsorber™ offers incredible EMI/RFI attenuation across a wide range of frequencies up to 40GHz in a soft, flexible material that can be used in multiple applications.

Ferrites from MAJR are availble in a wide variety of configurations and are ideal for military and commercial applications such as communication and medical equipment, computer systems, casino gaming, and many more. We offer solutions for both flat and round cables as well as torrodial cores and chip beads.

  • Absorber Materials
    RF Absorber materials can be the perfect solution for EMI/RFI issues found in variety of applications such as cellular, GPS, electronic handheld devices, radar, and a variety of other antenna and electronic housing applications.

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  • Ferrites
    Ferrite cores are made of iron, nickel, magnesium, zinc and other oxides and carbonates. These raw materials are compressed and molded to a specific form and then fired.

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