Custom Board Level Shielding

Series No. 5300

MAJR specializes in the design of custom EMI shielding solutions, our Board Level Shields are manufactured specifically to meet each individual customer requirement. Using precision Photo Etching or Stamping techniques, MAJR can supply custom tailored solutions in a matter of weeks.

This custom approach is essential if functionality and the use of real estate are to be optimized.

Our experience enables MAJR to offer design assistance upfront which allows our customers to get the product they need without spending precious time working on Board Level Shield designs in-house.


MAJR specializes in the design of custom EMI shielding solutions, our Board Level Shields are manufactured specifically to meet each individual customer requirement.


  • Manufacturing methods offer greater design scope and flexibility
  • Low cost tooling represents a low risk entry strategy
  • Integral bend lines enable more intricate geometries
  • Bend lines offer greater coplanarity for easier assembly
  • Any mounting method, (conventional through hole, SMT or mechanical) can be accommodated
  • Unique design features ease assembly and optimize performance
  • High efficiency heat dissipation venting available at no extra cost
  • Easily formed manually or with soft tooling

Available Materials:

  • Nickel/Silver
  • Tin/Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Magnetic Shielding Material
  • Others per request



MAJR-Products-Board-Level-Shield-One-PieceOne Piece Board Level Shield

Custom one-piece Board Level Shield with half-etched bend lines and ‘Quiet’ construction features offer outstanding attenuation combined with excellent coplanarity for ease of assembly. These can be shipped fully formed or flat pack for self-assembly, either manually or with soft tooling. They can be virtually any size and can incorporate a wide variety of design features to enhance performance and ease of use. Seam soldering is also available for complete can integrity, if required.


MAJR-Products-Board-Level-Shield-Two-PieceTwo Piece Board Level Shield

Custom circuit board shielding Board Level Shields with removable lids are designed to protect sensitive components from noise while giving access for rework and adjustments. Removable fingered lids provide easy access to the enclosure contents and high attenuation in service.



 MAJR-Products-Board-Level-Shield-Labyrinth-Multi-CompartmentLabyrinth / Multi-compartment Board Level Shield

A multi-compartmental Board Level Shield is an effective alternative to multiple Board Level Shields. It is cost effective to produce and offers significant savings in terms of initial cost, assembly time and real estate management. A matrix of walls, all folding easily from a single sheet and complemented with a separate lid, provides an efficient enclosure with enhanced accessibility for rework or the tuning of devices.


 MAJR-Products-Board-Level-Shield-EMI-RFI-Shielding-Thermal-ManagementMAJR Shield® – Thermal Management Board Leveling

MAJR Shield is an EMI/RFI Board Level Shield that allows significant heat dissipation of electronic components. Thermally, MAJR Shield incorporates either straight honeycomb with standoff fence mounting for convection “Chimney effect” heat dissipation or angled honeycomb for forced air applications – both configurations provide high EMI/RFI shielding performance and heat dissipation for today’s high frequency and compact circuits.

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