White Papers

MAJR Products is your source for electromagnetic interference shielding, steel honeycomb vent panel, radio frequency (RF) shielding, shielded air filtration panel, shielded fan vents, and more.

MAJR Products Corporation presently has the following white papers available.

White Papers as they relate to our site would be informational documents issued by companies highlighting the significance of their product or service, especially as it relates to the solution of a customer problem.

Shielding Steel Honeycomb Ventilation Panels and Dust Filtration Characteristics (3 MB PDF)

MAJR Products Corporation Vice President of Electrical/EMC Engineering, Michael J. Oliver, authored this white paper. The white paper presents airflow characteristics of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding steel honeycomb ventilation panels and dust filtration characteristics of dust filtration panels. For a System Engineer, airflow data helps to identify the correct panel size for electronic cooling applications. The Airflow data of these shielding steel honeycomb ventilation panels are presented as graphs of Static Pressure Drop (Inches H2O) vs. Airflow (CFM / Sq. inch).

Understanding Electromagnetic Fields And Antenna Radiation Takes (Almost) No Math (210 KB PDF)

While an employee of the Sensor Research and Development Corporation, Ron Schmitt published a paper on Electromagnetic Fields and Antenna Radiation in a very down to earth manner, not laden with complex mathematical equations and principals. This intuitive treatment goes light on the math and breathes life and interest into a subject that most engineers find dry and difficult. We are glad that both Mr. Schmitt and SRD have allowed us to put this timely paper on our site for your reading.