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What metal is compatible with _____? Answer this common design engineer question fast with MAJR’s Galvanic Compatibility Interactive.

  • Prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals
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How Will the Galvanic Compatibility Interactive Help with EMI / RFI Shielding?

The effective coupling of dissimilar metals, which is inevitable in component and material specifications, can present significant challenges to EMI/RFI engineers and designers​​. 

This selection tool clearly provides options, including environmental aspects, in seconds. Choose smart the first time in design.

Why Is Galvanic Compatibility Important to Effective EMI Shielding?

Typical conductive fillers in EMI shielding, like elastomer gaskets, are often infused with metal or metal-coated particles. While silver or nickel-coated particles are preferred for their high conductivity, their interaction with aluminum in corrosive conditions, including high humidity and maritime environments, can significantly increase the potential for corrosion.

Does Environment Affect Galvanic Compatibility and EMI / RFI Shielding Effectiveness? YES!

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For the Fastest Dissimilar Metal Compatibility Selection

Including: Environmental Considerations

Try the easy to use interactive which walks you through the process in seconds to help you identify the least corrosive metal combinations for your design.

Prefer to manually use a the traditional chart as a reference?


*PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: Galvanic compatibility claims and or recommendations to reduce corrosion as identified in MAJR Products' literature, whether typed, graphed, or in table form are based and derived from military/industry standards.  Published values may not represent actual galvanic performance in all applications; variables such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and other environmental conditions play a large role in galvanic compatibility of metals.  MAJR Products does not guarantee the galvanic compatibility or protection of metal surfaces, the values seen in its literature are for reference only and to be used as a guide.  Customer testing in an intended environment with dissimilar metals for a specific application is strongly recommended.