Industrial, Instrumentation & Medical Electronics

Industrial electronics includes a broad range of electronic devices in many industries, for MAJR this can mean providing a simple mesh ground to shielding sensitive electronic equipment in a factory setting. MAJR Products provides custom EMI, grounding and thermal solutions to our industrial customers year over year.

Suppressing EMI can make all the difference when requiring the repeatability needed for modern instrumentation. Using MAJR's EMI gasketing allows our customers to have confidence that their results will not be affected by unwanted or spurious emissions.

We're proud to announce that MAJR Products was the EMI gasketing supplier for a critical instrument that was used to help identify Osama Bin Laden after the SEAL team 6 raid in 2011.

Medical electronics applications can provide unique challenges as these pieces of equipment can often be mobile as well as operate in close proximity to other equipment. Because these electronics are being moved room to room in many cases, EMI shielding becomes paramount to ensure that these sensitive pieces of equipment are operating accurately and reliably. MAJR Products provides EMI gasketing solutions to our medical customers to ensure their products work as intended in these tough environments.