Thermal Management Materials

MAJR 6000 series thermal management materials consist of sheet, adhesive, and grease compounds; these thermal materials are used in a wide variety of markets such as chip sets for IC controller packages, IT for industrial and personal computers, DRAM Modules, telecom devices, automotive control units, and a variety of other products used in military and commercial markets.

  • Thermal 6001 Series
    Thermal 6001 Series material is ultra soft and can be applied to irregular surfaces. It incorporates a self adhesive backing for use in general to high altitude and high vibration applications.

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  • Thermal 6002 Series
    This material exhibits excellent softness, high compressibility, and natural adhesiveness. It is excellent for applications where high electrical insulation is needed.

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  • Thermal 6003 Series
    This product has high thermal conductivity to effectively conduct heat away from sensitive components to a heat sink. The 6003 is an excellent mid-level thermal conductive interface material.

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  •  Thermal 6004 Series
    The exceptional ability of this material to conduct heat away from sensitive components makes it applicable for use in very heat sensitive applications. The 6004 is an excellent high-level thermal conductive interface material.

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  •  Thermal 6005 Series
    Thermal 6005 Series is a heat sink compound formulated with select polydimethy siloxane fluid in combination with metallic oxide fillers to provide superior thermal conductivity.

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  •  Thermal 6006 Series
    Thermal 6006 Series is a thermally conductive adhesive transfer tape with a thickness of 10 mil. This material is a ceramic filled acrylic adhesive film incorporated onto a protective release liner.

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