Honeycomb Waveguide Panels

HVAC Waveguide Design Guide

What is a Honeycomb Waveguide Panel

Shielding honeycomb waveguide panels let airflow into and out of an EMI/RFI shielded enclosure. The entering fresh air may be either cooled, heated, or at ambient temperature depending on the shielded enclosure environment and contents. For electronic equipment, the primary reason for airflow is usually to cool electronics; if a manned military shelter the reason is to circulate fresh air and to either cool or heat the air depending on the external environment.

How To Determine The Best Waveguide For Your HVAC Project

EMI ventilation panels are ready-to-install EMI/RFI shielded panels in standard sizes or custom sizes and are made from brass, steel or aluminum. Configuration of your waveguide panels depends on:

  • Required shielding levels (ex: 60 dB shielding at 10 GHz)
  • Magnetic field requirements
  • Outside dimension measurements
  • Mounting Method (ex: Mount into frame, Captive fasteners, etc.)
  • RoHS requirements

How To Determine The Best Waveguide For Your HVAC Project

MAJR’s shielded honeycomb waveguide panels provide optimum EMI/RFI shielding with minimum pressure drop for the ventilating air. Their special design lets airflow into and out of an EMI/RFI shielded enclosure. This feature allows for the cooling of electronics as well as air circulation for manned military shelters as well as electronic boxes and cabinets.

Honeycomb Ventilation Panels from MAJR Products include the following features:

Ease of Installation
Shielded air vents are supplied with EMI gasket and mounting holes or captive fasteners to be ready for installation into the cabinet.

Special Designs
MAJR’s engineering group can assist with applications requiring special mounting or shape.

Painted Units
Vents mounted on the outside of the cabinet can be supplied with exposed surfaces painted to meet the Military Standard color of the cabinet.

Optimum Shielding and Airflow
Installation of the honeycomb — with its 4:1 opening to depth ratio — provides the waveguide below cut-off effect required to attenuate EMI/RFI interference while not impeding the airflow required to cool the packaged enclosure.

Standard & Custom Configurations
A broad selection of sides provides the widest choice in meeting design objectives. MAJR Products also provides custom configurations for specialty installations designed to meet specific shielding, airflow, and mounting requirements.

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