Reduce Interference from 5G Frequency Bands with MAJR’s Products

5G technology is becoming the industry standard, and its purpose is to connect virtually everyone, and every type of system, together to speed up transfer of information and deliver benefits such as:

  • Higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Upgraded reliability
  • Massive network capacity
  • Increased availability
  • Uniform experience among users

In addition to upgrading the quality of smartphones , 5G is also poised to help industries who need mission-critical communications. When different areas of a company or manufacturing facility can speak with each other in a more accurate manner, there are multiple benefits to take advantage of.

These frequency bands are divided into three categories: low, mid, and high, and each range contains specific frequencies that can escape and then interfere with electronic products and systems.

These bands are gaining in popularity, so it’s important to make sure your current machinery and electronics won’t be impacted. Shielding against this type of interference plays a critical role in your output, and prevents downtime from having components no longer work properly.

The result of this interference can cause your product or system to fail, or even malfunction. The answer is to have the right shielding that reduces EMI/RFI interference in:

  • Cable entry
  • Power and signal access panels
  • Shelter man doors
  • Air flow vents for HVAC
  • Viewing windows

MAJR’s line of shielding products are made in the US and constructed of premium materials that are designed to meet rigorous specifications. Our goal is to produce the right type of shielding products that you can rely on – while reducing damage and interference.

Like all of our other product lines, MAJR’s offerings are designed to cover multiple uses. Our shield seal gaskets and EMI connecter gaskets are available in multiple sizes and shapes that are industry standards.

In addition, we also carry ventilation panels and waveguide panels that shield your machinery with minimum pressure drops. Our honeycomb design allows each of our panels to provide shielding, air flow, and mounting.

There’s no guessing when it comes to choosing the right ventilation panel – and because we can custom design to your specifications, we’ve got your needs completely covered. Working with our team of engineers is easy and with our quick turnaround your operation can continue to run smoothly without worrying about downtime.

Our company can help with customization if you need it, and with over 50 years of combined engineering experience, you can use MAJR products with confidence. It’s this type of dedication that has enabled us to become a trusted brand.

New and Innovative

MAJR offers a wide array of expertly designed and manufactured 5G shielding products that can stand up to virtually any environment. Our engineers rely on their expertise and knowledge to ensure every component we produce lives up to our standards.

You can get more details on our website, along with complete descriptions, data sheets, and analysis. If you’re unsure of what you need, contact us and we’ll be glad to help. It’s also easy to request a quote whenever it’s convenient.