Conductive Coatings

Series No. 5000

Plastics definitely have their advantages when building hardened enclosures, BUT they easily allow penetration of EMI or RFI waves, causing enclosure failure.

Conductive Coatings from MAJR are the quick and easy solution for this convenient substrate, and once painted your plastic enclosure will offer superior EMI/RFI attenuation while also suppressing electrostatic discharge.


Our conductive paints usually contain non-oxidizing copper which, when mixed thoroughly, gives the plastic surface its conductivity. With approximately 25% solids, even a piece of paper can have conducting/attenuating qualities when they are applied. But the real advantage of our conductive paints lies in their low cost, ease of use and flexibility during production.

Product Features:

  • Cost Effective
  • Good Adherence
  • Superior Attenuation

Custom Product


Ideal for smaller boxes or enclosures for military or medical applications where shielding is needed but there may be a weight restriction on the overall system and metal cannot be used.