MAJR Products is an internationally recognized manufacturer of (EMI/RFI) Shielding Products. We serve the electronics industry, specifically, telecommunications, computers, medical devices, instrumentation, commercial electronics, and military.

Military Electronics Whether it be our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or National Guard, MAJR Products is a proven supplier of EMI Shielding for military applications. Learn more »
Consumer Electronics MAJR Products provides EMI, thermal, and board level products in a variety of consumer electronic device applications, these products can be used in flat screen displays, desktop, laptop and server computers, as well portable electronic devices such as GPS units and cell phones. Learn more »
Industrial & Instrumentation & Medical Electronics Industrial electronics includes a broad range of electronic devices in many industries, for MAJR this can mean providing a simple mesh ground to shielding sensitive electronic equipment in a factory setting. Learn more »
IT / Computing MAJR Products is a proven provider of EMI shielding solutions used in desktop, laptop and server computers as well as routers and other networking equipment. This includes EMI gasketing solutions for system housings, cabinets and other applications. Learn more »
Telecommunications MAJR Products offers Form-in-Place conductive elastomer gaskets that are typically dispensed onto single or multi-compartment housings which are widely used in the telecom industry. Learn more »