Silver Conductive Film

Silver Conductive Film is an electrically conductive, silver alloy coated, optically clear, low resistance polyester EMI/RFI shielding film. The combination of high visible light transmission, near-neutral color, and low resistance creates the ideal EMI/RFI protection window for electronic displays, touch screens, and membrane switch panels  that require moderate shielding effectiveness and high-quality optical performance.  It is optimal for use as EMI/RFI shielding for Industrial, Defense, and Medical displays, touch screens, solar photovoltaic material and conductive transparent electrodes.


majr products silver conductive film features and benefitsMAJR Products’ Silver Conductive Film meets the requirements of several industries for electromagnetic shielding, high visible light transmission, near-neutral color and low electrical resistance. This film works well for easy integration into optical stacks and displays.


  • Low surface resistance: 4 or 12 ohm/sq.
  • Strong and flexible PET base film.
  • High visible light transmission.
  • High IR reflectivity.


  • Silver alloy is resistant to oxidation.
  • Conductive coating can be etched patterning.
  • Completed window or in rolls, sheet or custom cuts

Custom Product

Technical Information

This specification defines the requirements for Silver Conductive Film in both the 4 and 12 ohms/sq versions.

Product Format

Silver4 Silver12
Surface resistance 4 ohms/sq 12 ohms/sq
Base film 125µm 125µm
Optional optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive 100µm 100µm
Visible light transmission @ 550 nm <82% <86%
Color b* 5.0 4.0
Haze 0.50% 0.50%
Specular Reflectivity (30°) Conductive coating / Air interface 5.05% 0.80
Diffuse Reflectivity (30°) Conductive coating / Air interface 0.19% 0.16%
Specular Reflectivity (30°) Conductive coating / Optical bond interface 11.44% 2.20%
Diffuse Reflectivity (30°) Conductive coating / Optical bond interface 0.63% 0.20%

Termination Method

Direct contact can be made to the conductive surface by a suitable conductive fabric over foam gasket, silver loaded silicone gasket or by using a copper, aluminium or tinned copper tape.

Shielding Effectiveness

majr products conductive silver film emi shielding

This data is not to be stated as a pass/fail specification for Silver Conductive Film.

Product Data Sheet


  • EMI/RFI shielding for Avionics, Defense, Industrial and Medical displays, touch screens and apertures.
  • Conductive transparent electrodes such as PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal), electrochromic privacy and smart windows.
  • Solar module photovoltaic material