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majr products knitted wire mesh

MAJR Products’s Knitted Wire Mesh: The Ultimate in Engineering & Flexibility

How many times have you wished you had one material – a “go to” choice for…

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MAJRAbsorber: Uses & Benefits

Radio frequencies (RF) are an amazing tool to send communications via airwaves to a receiver device…

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MAJR Products EMI/RFI connector gaskets

EMI/RFI Connector Gaskets: What, Where and Why

When thinking about EMI/RFI connector gaskets, one of the best analogies might be in your own…

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MAJR - 5G shielding

EMI Shielding for 5G: It’s a Whole New World

5G (fifth generation) is the newest communication infrastructure and electronic device  advancement to enable a multitude…

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MAJR Products -EMI Shielded Windows

Shining a Transparent Light on EMI Shielded Windows

Wherever there is a window in a hardened enclosure, whether it’s in something as small as…

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EMI Vent Panels: Standard and Custom Products from MAJR

Air flow is an important part of many military electronic systems. Keeping equipment cool and air…

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COVID-19 Statement

Valued Customers, MAJR Products Corporation is currently operating normally and will remain open for business during…

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EMI/RFI Shielding For Medical Device Applications

EMI / RFI Shielding For Medical Device Applications Take any average-sized hospital in the U.S. and…

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HEMP Danger Requires EMP Shielding

Fortunately, the chance of a direct military attack on America from a foreign country is very…

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MAJR Products and Raytheon

MAJR Products Is Now A Raytheon Company Approved Supplier for Welding

MAJR Products is proud to announce that we are a recent addition to the Raytheon Company…

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