MAJRAbsorber: Uses & Benefits

Radio frequencies (RF) are an amazing tool to send communications via airwaves to a receiver device that can be thousands of miles away. They’ve been harnessed since the beginnings of radio and now reach into every crevice of daily life for consumers and manufacturers.  

Unfortunately, radio frequencies also cause Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) in the radio frequency spectrum. It’s a disturbance generated by an external source, such as a cell or radio tower or an internal source such as a switching power supply or microprocessor affecting a vulnerable electronic circuit (victim) by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or radiated emissions.

RF absorber materials can be the perfect solution for EMI/RFI issues found in a variety of applications such as cellular, GPS, electronic handheld devices, radar, and other antenna and electronic housing applications. Let’s take a look at their uses and benefits.

RF Absorber Uses

RF absorber materials are often added to electronic circuits to suppress or eliminate unwanted radiation emission from the electronic circuit, crosstalk within the electronic circuit or to minimize the effects of radiated emissions (such as broadcast signals) from outside the electronic circuit all of which may degrade the performance of the a susceptible electronic circuit.

These materials are used in a wide variety of markets, from military and aerospace to consumer electronics. RF absorbers can take many different physical forms including flexible elastomers or foam or rigid epoxy or plastics. They can be made to withstand weather and temperature extremes providing the flexibility needed for the needs of today’s fast-paced communications. 

RF Absorber Benefits

RF absorbers are critical for modern communications. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have as many electronic components, nor would they have the required performance needed to reduce or even eliminate EMI/RFI interference. 

MAJRabsorber, for example, is a broadband microwave absorber material performing in a broadband range from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. Its thin and flexible material can easily be installed in even tight spaces and can be made with integrated pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are supplied in sheets (or roll stock) or can be cut to customer specifications. Other benefits of MAJRAbsorber include:

  • Placed between circuit boards, it creates improved circuit crosstalk immunity but, being non-conductive, the RF absorber material will not short out electronic components.
  • The base RF absorber material exhibits higher EMI/RFI attenuation than others on the market tested in the same thickness.
  • The flexible center conductive layer provides an electromagnetically reflective surface that reflects EMI/RFI energy back through the RF absorber material.
  • This absorber material is very tear-resistant because of the flexible center conductive layer. This makes it easier to handle during production and more robust over time.

MAJRabsorber works well under extreme temperature conditions and is non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, highly resistive and can come with no pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) or with PSA on one-or-both sides.

RF Absorbers from MAJR ProductsMAJRAborber is the revolutionary RF absorber material that is changing the way the industry thinks about broadband absorption. Only from MAJR Products, this proprietary material absorbs and dissipates stray noise in frequencies from 1 to 18 GHz with attenuation levels far above standard industry absorbers. Contact us for more information and a complimentary quote.