Filter Media Options for Shielded Air Filtration Panels

Maintaining operational integrity requires a great deal of planning, research and using reliable products that can perform to demanding industry standards. MAJR’s selection of shielded air filtration panels are available in a variety of different frame and media options to help meet your technical specifications.

MAJR is one of the leaders in the EMI shielding industry, and our staff of experts and engineers are familiar with the requirements and specifications of the military, electronic, and HVAC markets and can help with your shielding and air flow compliance. 

Features That Exceed Your Demands

MAJR’s shielded air filtration panels are designed to allow the intake of air into electronic equipment cabinets or housings to aid in cooling and dust handling but where one of the compliance criteria is also shielding electromagnetic/radio frequency, also known as EMI/RFI. 

As an option, MAJR offers oil-coated air filtration panels which use a glutinous substance that greatly enhances the capture of fine dust particles while continuing to fulfill EMI/RFI requirements.

The shielded air filtration panels we provide contain a variety of features. 

  • Multi-Purpose: we design shielding, air flow, and dust filtration all in one filtration panel. When installed in the electronic enclosure, our panels keep the dust out with minimal resistance to air flow and also provide a reduction of electromagnetic interference.
  • Standard Configurations: you won’t waste time or effort when you’re using our air filtration panels, because we offer a wide variety of standard sizes. A few easy clicks on our website to locate exactly what you need and you’re ready to move onto the next task.
  • Ease of Installation: each of our shielded air filtration panels include an EMI/RFI gasket, mounting holes, or captive fasteners. Our air filtration panels are easily installed and made to your dimensional requirements.
  • Custom Design: not every operation or industry is the same, MAJR’s team of engineers will work with you to create a custom size or configuration for your application.

Design Specifications

Our shielded filtration panels are designed to filter particles with minimum disruption to the air flow of your operation. 

MAJR has worked extensively to design and build panels with low resistance to airflow that will also minimize pressure drop within the enclosure.The result is that air will move freely through the intake area while the desired dust filtration function has been met. 

When it concerns shielding effectiveness, our air filtration panels have proven their quality design and construction.

Additional Material Options

MAJR knows that our customers represent a range of industries, which is why we provide a wide selection of media types that can fulfill your needs and meet industry standards and expectations.

Our standard selection of media options includes:

  • Aluminum Wire Cloth
  • Expanded Monel Product
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • UL94 Filter Foam 

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