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Board Level Shields

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MAJR Products offers Board Level Shields that isolate components and minimize cross-talk while maximizing performance on your PCB.  Our shields provide isolation of board-level components and come in custom shapes that can incorporate a removable lid for ease of access to your components.

These products can range from a traditional metal enclosure of one-piece, two-piece, or custom multi-compartmental shields.  Our Board Level Shields can incorporate conductive elastomers gasketing, thermal materials, and RF absorber pads if required and are designed to meet the needs of your application. We have also developed and patented our “MAJR Shield” which incorporates metal honeycomb to provide superior shielding while allowing significant airflow and heat dissipation.

 MAJR-Shield Data Sheet

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Custom Board Level Shielding employs non-conventional manufacturing techniques which enable MAJR to offer fabricated parts of high complexity with minimal  tooling.

• Shield Types & Materials are diverse, offering the customer a variety of configurations and unique features from which to choose. Many materials are also readily available to suit application needs.

Design Features & Finish give the engineer multiple options for mounting, adaptability to solder techniques, automation and pick and place, lid attachment, marking and other desired characteristics for flexibility in the design stage and economy in production.

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