Custom Board Level Shielding

MAJR specializes in the design of custom EMI shielding solutions, our Board Level Shields are manufactured specifically to meet each individual customer requirement. Using precision Photo Etching or Stamping techniques, MAJR can supply custom tailored solutions in a matter of weeks.

This ‘custom’ approach is essential if functionality and the use of ‘real estate’ are to be optimized.

Our experience enables MAJR to offer design assistance upfront which allows our customers to get the product they need without spending precious time working on Board Level Shield designs in-house.

Board Level Shield Types & Materials

Custom one-piece EMI shields offer outstanding attenuation combined with excellent coplanarity for ease of assembly. One-Piece Shields
Custom one-piece shields offer outstanding attenuation combined with excellent coplanarity for ease of assembly. These can be shipped fully formed or flat pack for self-assembly, either manually or with soft tooling. They can be virtually any size and can incorporate a wide variety of design features to enhance performance and ease of use.

Seam soldering is also available for complete can integrity, if required.

Custom circuit board EMI shielding cansTwo-Piece Shields
Custom circuit board shielding cans with removable lids are designed to protect sensitive components from noise while giving access for rework and adjustments. Removable fingered lids provide easy access to the enclosure contents and high attenuation in service.

A multi-compartmental EMI screening canLabyrinth / Multi-Compartment Shields
A multi-compartmental screening can is an effective alternative to multiple shields. It is cost effective to produce and offers significant savings in terms of initial cost, assembly time and real estate management. A matrix of walls, all folding easily from a single sheet and complemented with a separate lid, provides an efficient enclosure with enhanced accessibility for rework or the tuning of devices.

Thermal Management Board Leveling EMI ShieldingMAJR Shield -Thermal Management Board Leveling
Shielding thermally incorporates either straight honeycomb with standoff fence mounting for convection, also known as “chimney effect” heat dissipation, or angled honeycomb for forced air applications. Both of these configurations provide high EMI/RFI shielding performance and thermal management in conjunction with our Board Level Shield.
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Available Materials

  • Nickel/Silver
  • Tin/Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Magnetic Shielding Material
  • Others per request

Board Level Shield Design Features & Assembly

Board Leveling EMI ShieldingLocation Pins
Location pins for through hole attachment during wave soldering and securing the shield for manual soldering. If necessary, these pins can be given a ‘rounded’ profile.

Board Leveling EMI ShieldingSMT Feet
SMT feet are effectively small pads for solder attach to a ground plane in a multi-layer construction.

Board Leveling EMI ShieldingSerrated Base Edge
Serrated base edge – Surface mount shields requiring solder attach along an entire wall can have base serrations incorporated to enable the solder to flow through the wall and equalize the solder fillet for optimum strength.

Board Leveling EMI ShieldingSAM Line
SAM is a Solder Anti-Migration feature, essentially a partially etched lateral line on the walls of a shield that discourages ‘wicking’ of the solder up the walls of the can that might scavenge material from the joint area.

Board Leveling EMI ShieldingPick and Place Lands
Pick and place lands can be provided, even on two-piece shields, to enable automatic handling and placement. Typically on a one-piece ventilated shield, an area on the top is left without perforations to enable vacuum manipulation. In a two-piece shields a special land is designed into the shield body. It can be easily removed with a simple twist after assembly and before the lid is finally positioned.

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