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EMI-RFI Shielding For Enclosure Windows—The Resources Engineers Need

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At MAJR Products, our team of design engineers, technicians, and product support professionals understands that, and we’re here to help you streamline your design process. So in this post, we’re going to provide EMI and RFI engineers and designers with the information and resources you need to solve the most complex enclosure window design challenges.…

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Conductive Elastomers: Silicone vs. Fluorosilicone Will Your Hardened Enclosure Remain Effective in Harsh Environments?

Conductive Silicones are often an essential component for hardened boxes and enclosures where environmental sealing and EMI/RFI shielding is required. The typical silicone-based gaskets and seals are impregnated with nickel, silver, copper, aluminum or other conductive particles to give non-conductive silicone their conductivity while providing IP rated environmental sealing that is required in many military…

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Data Center Defense: RFI / EMI Shielding Design

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Enclosure Shielding Can Be Your First Line Of Defense for Data Centers Against RFI and EMI Engineers and designers know that RFI and EMI can wreak havoc in data centers, SCIFs, and equipment enclosures of all scopes and sizes. In this post, we’ll discuss your first line of defense against unwanted access and egress of…

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Navigating Galvanic Corrosion in EMI Shielding—Insights and Resources

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We’ve Been Getting A Lot Of Questions Recently About Solutions For Navigating Galvanic Corrosion In EMI Shielding Design. And we’ll provide answers and design resources for EMI and RFI professionals in this post. Here’s what we’re going to cover: You asked for solutions, and we’re delivering.  So let’s get started with the basics. Galvanic Corrosion—The…

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Galvanic Compatibility Interactive & Chart

majr products galvanic compatibility interactive and chart

What metal is compatible with _____? Answer this common design engineer question fast with MAJR’s Galvanic Compatibility Interactive. Try the easy to use interactive which walks you through the process in seconds to help you identify the least corrosive metal combinations for your design.

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Water Jet Cutting for Complex Designs

majr products water jet cutting complex designs

MAJR utilizes a waterjet cutting process to aid in the fabrication of many custom products including honeycomb vent panels, waveguides and EMI gaskets. This involves high pressure water that is forced through a small nozzle (0.010″ to 0.015″ in diameter) to produce a very precise cut of the desired media. Benefits of the Water Jet Method…

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Conductive Rubber for EMI/RFI Shielding & Environmental Protection

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Conductive rubber may be one of your most valuable assets when engineering for civilian or military projects.  It can help you achieve both EMI shielding and environmental protection of your application to required specifications.  It can also be cut or shaped to your needs, making it very versatile.  Conductive rubber could be one of those…

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Environmental Considerations for EMI  Shielding – A Product Selection Guide

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Download this flowchart and product selection guide to assist with identifying the right EMI Shielding product for:  outdoor exposure or indoor use, commercial vs military specifications, varying temperatures, NEMA or IP standards, and marine or land desert applications. This is the downloadable/printable version of our interactive guide. This tool was developed by MAJR Products V.P.…

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An Easy Way to Calculate a Microwave Wavelength in Inches

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Download this free technical article on an alternative (and easier!) way to calculate microwave wavenlength in inches, developed by MAJR Products V.P. of electical engineering, Mike Oliver. It looks like Javascript isn’t enabled in your browser. Please enable it in order to fill out this form.

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Testing for EMC Compliance: Approaches and Techniques

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Download this free technical article on EMI testing techniques and approaches to various EMC issues. Originally developed for and presented to the IEEE EMC Society, Pittsburgh Chaper by Ed Nakauchi. It looks like Javascript isn’t enabled in your browser. Please enable it in order to fill out this form.

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