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Who’s Afraid of Maxwell’s Equations

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Download this free technical article explaining Maxwell’s Equations. Originally developed for and presented to the IEEE EMC Society, Pittsburgh Chaper by Elya B. Joffee. It looks like Javascript isn’t enabled in your browser. Please enable it in order to fill out this form.

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IEEE EMCSS Pittsburgh Chapter Meetings

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Access meeting notes from IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter meetings. 2006 IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter inauguration meeting (Elya Joffe) – Download (321KB PDF) 2006 IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter meeting (Harry Godluski) – Download (251KB PDF) 2006 IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter meeting (Steve Furguson) – Download (268KB PDF) 2006 IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter meeting (Ed Nakauchi) – Download (537KB PDF) 2007 IEEE EMCS Pittsburgh Chapter Technical Meeting (Lee Hill) –…

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Shielding Honeycomb Ventilation Panels and Dust Filtration Characteristics

majr products shielding honeycomb ventilation panels and dust filtration characteristics

MAJR Products Corporation Vice President of Electrical/EMC Engineering, Michael J. Oliver, authored this white paper. The white paper presents airflow characteristics of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding honeycomb ventilation panels and dust filtration characteristics of dust filtration panels. For a System Engineer, airflow data helps to identify the correct panel size for electronic…

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EMI Gaskets: Die-Cut, Water Jet & Flash Cutting

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EMI gaskets are used in a variety of electronic devices where EMI/RFI is an issue including communications, military electronics, and RF applications. When it comes to manufacturing EMI gaskets, there are three different methods MAJR Products uses: 1. Flash Cutting2. Water Jet3. Die-Cut Each of these three manufacturing techniques have specific benefits associated with them…

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Shielded HVAC Panel Design Guide For RFI And EMI Engineers

majr products shielded hvac panel design guide

We’re getting a lot of questions about RFI and EMI attenuation, static pressure, and airflow in HVAC air ducts that penetrate secure buildings and SCIF enclosures. Enclosures, whether they’re built for human use or sensitive electronic equipment, require openings for conditioned air to enter the space for temperature control, ventilation, or both. As we pointed…

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MAJR’s Honeycomb Waveguides for High Reliability Requirements

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As a professional, you need products that enable your operation to work correctly – from electronics to motors to EMI waveguides. When you have a situation that requires consistent air flow in an EMI/RFI shielded environment, it’s crucial to ensure that air continues to move easily through a panel while allowing for the attenuation of…

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