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MAJR Products Absorber Materials

RF Absorber materials can be the perfect solution for EMI/RFI issues found in variety of applications such as cellular, GPS, electronic handheld devices, radar, and a variety of other antenna and electronic housing applications.

All of MAJR’s absorber materials are thin, flexible and can easily be installed in even tight spaces, and can be sent to you with integrated pressure-sensitive adhesive.  They are supplied in sheets (or roll stock) or we can cut all absorber materials to your specifications with extremely fast turnaround times for prototypes. Feel free to ask us for samples!

  • MAJR Products’ EMI shielding mesh tape (1000 Series), available in variable sleeve diameters and mesh widthsM6504 RF High Frequency Absorber
    Knitted Wire Mesh EMI/RFI Shielding Tape (1000 series) is a double-layered strip of knitted wire mesh providing an effective electromagnetic and radio frequency interference shield for electrical and electronic cable assemblies. The knitted construction maximizes conformability and flexibility while minimizing bulk and weight. Knitted mesh shielding tape uses Sn/Cu/Fe knitted or Monel wire to provide good physical strength and shielding effectiveness.

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  • MAJR Products’ EMI shielding mesh tape (1000 Series), available in variable sleeve diameters and mesh widthsM6504 RF Low Frequency Absorber
    M6504 RF Low Frequency Absorber is a thin silicone material designed to reduce EMI emissions and crosstalk in frequency ranges of 1-3 GHz by reducing reflections while dampening electronic cavity resonances. It has a UL94VO flammability rating and stands up to outdoor environments.

    It too is available in sheets, 12” wide rolls, pads or it can be cut to your specifications, It also can have an optional pressure sensitive tape on one or both side. In addition, if it is mounted on a non-conductive case (such as a plastic enclosure), MAJR can supply a metal tape backing to increase absorption effectiveness.

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