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Shielding Mesh Tape

Knitted Wire Mesh EMI/RFI Shielding Tape (1000 series) Shielding Mesh Tape (1000 Series) is a double-layered strip of knitted wire mesh providing an effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield for electrical and electronic cable assemblies. It is used extensively in a number of today’s industries in the assembly of sensitive electronic equipment and enclosures. The EMI mesh construction maximizes conformability and flexibility while minimizing bulk and weight. EMI knitted mesh tape uses Sn/Cu/Fe knitted or Monel wire to provide good physical strength and shielding effectiveness.


Ordering Information:

Part Number Sleeve Dia. Mesh Width
1008-0A004-xx 0.437” 0.312” to 0.437”
1012-0A006-xx 0.625”

0.500” to 0.625”

1016-0A007-xx 0.750”

0.625” to 0.750”

1020-0A008-xx 0.875”

0.750” to 0.875”

1026-0A010-xx 1.125” 1.000” to 1.250”
1034-0A016-xx 1.250” 1.250” to 1.500”
1042-0A022-xx 2.250” 2.000” to 2.500”
1100-0A065-xx 5.500” 7.000” to 8.000”

Replace xx with: -31 for Monel wire, -32 for Aluminum wire, -34 for Ferrous (FX) wire


Technical Information:

Cross Section of Sn/Cu/Fe (FX) Wire – Figure 1

cross section Knitted Wire Mesh Tape by MAJR Products




Material Description
Wire Mesh Sn/Cu/FE (tin-coated, copper-clad steel — see Figure 1)0.114 + 0.012 mm (.0045 + .0005 in.) diameter in accordance with ASTM B-520.
Width 25.4 mm (1.00 in.) nominal
Thickness 0.45 mm (.02 in.) nominal
Weight 745 grams per 100 meters(8.0 oz. per 100 feet)


Performance Characteristics
Pull Strength 222 Newtons (50 lbs.)
Elongation(Maximum) 100 percent
Necking(Typical) 47 percent at 111 Newtons (25 lbs.)75 percent at 222 Newtons (50 lbs.)


Material H-Field
100 KHz
100 KHz
Plane Wave
1 GHz 100GHz
Sn/Cu/Fe (FX) 45 60 40 30


Tape Length vs Cable Size – Figure 2


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