Custom EMI Ventilation Panels: An End to the “Square Peg – Round Hole” EMI Shielding Dilemma

Hardened enclosures come in all shapes and sizes.  When you compound the possibilities of various applications, industries, specifications and regulatory authorities, it’s no wonder that standard sizes, types or material for shielding a hardened enclosure rarely meet specific needs for any given project.  Even though most hardened enclosures are custom designed with specific requirements in mind they often have one thing in common: They all must breathe to allow cooling of sensitive electronic equipment while also being protecting from EMI/RFI.

Up until now this has been an ongoing problem for engineers.  Rarely are enclosures designed to be able to use standardized products for EMI shielding and air ventilation. Long and costly waits for a specialized EMI ventilation panel prototype are only the first problem.  Large production runs have been out of the question. It is almost as if the pre-existing EMI shielding vent panel dictated the size and configuration of the hardened enclosure. That’s like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Need Round, Curved or Oddly Shaped Custom EMI Vent Panels?

MAJR Products, however, has mastered the trifecta of shape, size and speed-to-market for Custom EMI Ventilation Panels.  We are the leading EMI shielding products manufacturer that can supply specialized  vent panels engineered for difficult round, curved or specialized shape requirements and still maintain a high level of EMI/RFI attenuation and low upfront set-up costs.

Custom EMI shielded vents for hardened enclosures.

With a simple upload of specifications from a customer, MAJR Products can produce Custom EMI Ventilation Panels estimates often within a few days and provides in house technical assistance on design concerns before parts move into the production phase. In addition, MAJR’s Custom EMI Ventilation Panels can be produced in both Honeycomb Waveguide and Air Ventilation styles depending on the shielding and airflow requirements.

  • Custom Honeycomb Waveguide Panels are available in aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel to meet the specific attenuation requirements of MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD 810 by facilitating wavelength beyond cutoff.  While they can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, they still allow for maximum air flow. With integrated gasketing material appropriate for the application, these custom waveguide panels can be supplied with captive fasteners or frame through-holes mounting options.
  • Custom Air Ventilation Panels also achieve attenuation of EMI/RFI noise while providing a minimal air pressure drop.  Most applications will call for an aluminum code-57 filter media and, when used with MAJR’s integrated gasket, will achieve EMI shielding to levels that meet or exceed commercial requirements.

Only from MAJR Products

We’re proud of the fact that MAJR Products is the manufacturer that can supply Custom EMI Ventilation Panels for round, curved or odd-shaped spaces more rapidly than anyone else in the industry.  We have developed internal mechanisms to incorporate custom designs into our high-capacity manufacturing and metalworking capabilities. The result:

  • No more “square peg-round hole” restrictions on honeycomb vent panel design.
  • Quick development and engineered to your specifications.

For those openings in hardened enclosures that are beyond the limits of stock, off-the-shelf EMI shielding vents, reach out today and – contact MAJR Products!