EMI Grounding Washers from MAJR

When you are working to ensure that your electronic enclosures are securely sealed from EMI, it’s important to use the correct materials for your application. In the event that you’re using standard flat washers that are improperly designed EMI leakage can occur causing failure in the equipment and entire operating system. 

The MAJR Way

MAJR uses knitted wire mesh stocking when we produce our EMI grounding washers. We’ve learned that this material can be greatly compressed in a close-tolerance forming die. This allows us to supply a wide variety of diameters and thicknesses perfect for most shielding applications.  

This density can help increase or decrease a unit’s resilience and can fill gaps or seams under a minimal pressure, rated at 10 psi. MAJR knows that EMI ground washers are employed in a variety of systems that need to withstand different environments, and we offer a range of material options that can measure up to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Our material options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Monel
  • FX (Tin/Steel)
  • Silver Brass
  • Be/Cu
  • Stainless Steel

There are different applications for mounting grounding washers, and MAJR’s selection of EMI grounding washers can be used with:

  • Jam Nuts
  • Bolts and Screws
  • Shaft Shoulder
  • Flange Groove Mounts 


MAJR’s reputation for designing and producing parts that are dependable and durable is well known. It’s the same with our EMI grounding washers. Features you’ll find in these parts include:

  • Resiliency: Different resiliencies can be supplied so they return 90-95% of free height after experiencing a deflection of 25%.
  •  All Metallic Construction: Extreme chemical and temperature environments require the right materials and design. MAJR supplies these products in a variety of wire types. 
  • Density Variations: Rotating shafts require the right snugness to function properly, and we offer washers in varying metal densities – from 15-40%.
  • Multiple Applications: Your unit may be in compression, rotation, or sheer and the compact construction of our washers will function properly without a decline in the effectiveness of the unit’s conductivity.

Custom Products

If your operation requires a different set of specifications, MAJR will work with you and exceed your expectations. Our engineers and experts will create prototypes and then gather your feedback to create the right part. MAJR knows how to accommodate work schedules – so we will make sure to keep your project on track.

Request a Quote

Our EMI grounding washers are designed and produced to function at the highest levels – contact us and request a quote – our experts are waiting to help you. Simply visit our website and click the “Request a Quote” button in the upper right hand side of any page. For more information, you can contact us at (877) 625-6033.