Find the Right Products with Our EMC Consulting Services

Many engineers understand the basics of EMC, but those in the medical, telecom, defense, and manufacturing industries may not have the resources or personnel to fully integrate EMC into their products to meet the standards set by their industry.

In response to this need, MAJR Products offers EMC consulting services to bring products from the design concept through testing compliance to full production. We are a resourceful and experienced team with EMC compliance always as the end goal.

EMC Design & Testing

Companies that design or manufacture products that require EMI/RFI shielding, will have EMC testing be a part of that process. Unfortunately, some companies may not have a full grasp on the specific elements of EMC testing and compliance, and as a result, these products may not meet these testing standards.If a product is noncompliant and goes to market, fines and restrictive actions can vary from insignificant to catastrophic. Incorporating an accurate and efficient EMC process into all your products should be a priority. And that’s where Mike Oliver comes in.

Meet Mike Oliver – EMC Guru

Michael Oliver is the Vice President of Electrical/EMC Engineering at MAJR Products Corporation. He’s an expert in EMI/RFI shielding technology, military shelter electrical EMC systems, and high-power antenna/radome design. Mike offers his clients more than 20 years of experience in electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic environmental effects in both military and commercial applications. He currently holds three patents (two pending), on thermal management-EMI/RFI shielding devices.

Why Use Mike for Your EMC Issues?

Mike’s experience and expertise are available both in-house at your facility and remotely. Contracting with MAJR Products, you can:

  • Meet MIL-STD 461 and other military or commercial standards
  • Meet REQ standards [SCIF, box, cabinet]
  • Ensure EMC / IP Compliance Ratings 

Mike and his team take a systematic approach to their EMC consulting and can turn a consulting quote around in two business days. Once he starts working for you, Mike will move quickly to get your products ready for the market with the latest standards in place. Not sure if you need an EMC consultant? Mike will provide an initial consultation to determine if you need more extensive EMC consulting.  

Contacting MAJR for EMC Consulting

Using the EMC consulting services can help speed up the EMC design and implementation process considerably, saving time and money. Whether in-house or remotely, MAJR Products can create custom solutions to your EMC needs and get you to market the right way.

Contact us at (877) 625-6033 or email Mike at You can also complete our contact form with the details of your project.