The Convenient, Quick, and Cost-Effective Way to Order Connector Gaskets Online The Convenient, Quick, and CostEffective Way to Order Connector Gaskets Online

When ordering connector gaskets, military contractors and electronics, IT, andtelecommunication companies often find it challenging to find suppliers that both offer a comprehensive range of gaskets and can deliver orders within a short period of time. As a result, procurement professionals, purchasing managers, and others responsible for buying materials frequently spend hours researching suppliers looking for one that can cater to their specific needs. Since it is so difficult to find the combination of choice, quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness, it is not unusual for them to have to order from multiple suppliers to meet their various requirements.

That is why in June, we launched our new website, It is specifically designed to provide our customers with a convenient, quick, and cost-effective way to fulfill all their connector gasket needs with just a few swipes, taps, or clicks.

To cater to the needs of customers from the military, consumer, industrial, instrumentation, and medical electronics sectors, as well as from the IT and telecommunications industries, we offer affordable QPL-qualified gaskets and commercial grade gaskets. There are currently four styles available for online purchase:

  • The MIL-DTL 38999 series
  • The M83528 series
  • The MIL-DTL 5015 series
  • The D-Subminiature series

By creating their own accounts, customers can keep track of their orders and easily re-order when needed. Plus, by selecting the two-day delivery option, customers never have to hold up their production cycles due to late deliveries, thereby ensuring they can fulfill their own orders as scheduled. Companies that have factored long delivery times into their own production cycles—and by extension, into their order fulfillment capabilities—can leverage our fast delivery to reduce their production cycle times and offer their own customers speedier turn-around.

Customers are also encouraged to visit our main site, MAJR Products, where we offer many other types of gaskets, including military EMI/RFI shielding gaskets and custom-made gaskets that can be manufactured to companies’ precise specifications.

Interested to learn more? Go to to browse our products, place your first order, or request more information.

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