Shielded Metal Wire Mesh Products from MAJR Products

One common product you will find when dealing with EMI shielding is metal wire mesh.  But what is metal wire mesh and what does it do? Metal wire mesh is a strand or  wire knitted together creating a structure of woven and knitted  shielding material.  

Different types of metal wire mesh include non-hardenable types, hardenable types,  nominal chemical composition nickel alloys, and austenitic types. Knitted metal wire mesh is very strong and durable with practical applications in air filtration, vibration  dampening, EMI and RFI shielding, mist elimination, and even gaskets and  sealing.  

Welded stainless steel mesh is a certain kind of mesh that is used primarily in the  fencing industry. Electro-galvanized is resistant to corrosion and is often used in the  construction industry. 

Metal Wire Mesh for EMI Shielding 

Metal Wire Mesh used for EMI shielding is typically woven into a matrix pattern made of  aluminum, monel, copper or bronze for the shielding of electromagnetic waves in  vehicles, buildings, rooms and installations. It provides excellent shielding properties  due to its metallic structure yet offers airflow for sensitive machines and devices.  

MAJR Products makes several metal wire mesh products for EMI shielding needs. The  engineering behind our metal wire mesh allows it to be made into multiple products for  ambient electromagnetic noise attenuation, all while remaining light, flexible and  durable. Between tapes, washers and gaskets there are literally 1000’s of possibilities  for hundreds of applications. 

EMI Grounding Washers

MAJR Products’ EMI grounding washers are manufactured from knitted wire mesh  stocking that is formed into a resilient metal washer by compressing in a close-tolerance  forming die. The EMI grounding washer can be supplied in various diameters and  thicknesses to satisfy the many requirements of civilian and military specifications. 

EMI Shielding Mesh Tape 

MAJR Products’ Shielding Mesh Tape (1000 Series) is a knitted circular strip of knitted  wire mesh providing an effective EMI shield often used for electrical and electronic  cable assemblies. It can also be found in many of today’s industries in the assembly of  RF-sensitive electronic equipment as an all-purpose EMI shield that is conformable and  easy to integrate. The EMI knitted-mesh construction maximizes conform-ability and  flexibility while minimizing bulk and weight.  

EMI Wire Mesh Gasket 

Mesh Knitted Wire EMI Gasketing (1500 series) is available in various cross-sections to  satisfy the many different requirements encountered in EMI shielding applications.  MAJR’s knit wire gasketing material acts like thousands of tiny spring members, which  are compressed and released with each opening and closing of a cabinet door or  enclosure cover. The spring-like EMI mesh gaskets assure long life with consistent  point-to-point contact, providing high shielding effectiveness and long life. 

Mesh Over Elastomer 

MAJR’s Mesh Over Elastomer EMI Gaskets offer the shielding effectiveness that can be expected from metal knitted mesh gaskets while simultaneously allowing for  compression in a way that isn’t found with a typical all-mesh shielding gasket. A variety  of material combinations are available to choose from depending on what sort of  compression and shielding characteristics your specific application requires. 

Because of its ability to be compressed, drawn through multiple dies or shaped into  appropriate configurations – plus superior signal reflection or direction – MAJR’s metal  wire mesh products are perfect for many places within civilian and military projects. 

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MAJR Products is a leader in manufacturing EMI shielding products in both standard  and custom sizes for the electronics industry. Whether your opening is round, curved or odd-shaped, we have the technical know-how and experience to add any design into  our high-capacity manufacturing and metalworking capabilities. 

MAJR Products, located in Saegertown, Pennsylvania, is one of the leading manufacturers of EMI/RFI gaskets, shielding, and ventilation panel products. We’ve been designing and developing solutions for over 25 years. Contact MAJR to connect  with a specialist or receive a quote from our experienced team of professionals.