Where And How To Source Shield Seal Gaskets | RFI-EMI Shield Products

Where can engineers, designers, and technical teams go to find the technical specifications and professional assistance they need to source conductive environmental gaskets and other RFI/EMI shielding products?

Depending on the application, EMI shield seal gaskets are available in various material combinations, configurations, and gasket sizes.

So, where can engineers get started on their search for RF/EMI and environmental shield gasket sourcing and design?

Let’s consider a common use case—electronic cabinets. In applications such as electronic cabinets, an elastomer gasket, sometimes with a wire mesh composition, is commonly used around the doors and apertures of the cabinet to seal off stray EMI signals. These materials are also used extensively to shield electronic boxes of various sizes, shapes, and usages.

Shielded gaskets are often required to protect against varying and extreme environmental weather conditions, including temperature extremes, as well as electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference leakage. These factors need to be considered by the design team when selecting materials.

What are some common product specifications and configurations?

As a specifying engineer, you need shield seal gasket products that meet commercial and military specifications, are highly customizable, meet environmental requirements, and provide exceptional, industry-tested RFI/EMI shielding.

The products you specify also need to be adaptable to various applications, for example, neoprene and silicone gasket materials with or without an adhesive backing.

Does that sound like a tall order? It’s not when you have a team with decades of experience to rely on.

Where can you go for more information?

MAJR Products is here to ensure you have the right solutions for your military or civilian use applications, standards, and project requirements. The team at MAJR Products is here to help you confidently spec and source shielded seal gaskets in the sizes, material combinations, and configurations you need.

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