Your Source for Flame Retardant EMI Gasket Products

Engineers need a reliable go-to source to specify low outgassing, flame retardant conductive gasket products.

Engineers and designers need to specify specialty products with confidence. And those products include flame retardant, low outgassing gaskets.

This post will discuss:

  • Common Uses for Flame Retardant Elastomers
  • Specifications for Flame Retardant Elastomers
  • Where To Go for More Information

What are a commonly encountered uses for flame retardant EMI gaskets from MAJR Products?

Flame retardant conductive gaskets can be used in a myriad of applications that require flame retardance and low outgassing including aerospace and military. MAJR’s 2100 and 5200 series material is commonly used to replace the discontinued GORE® GS 2100 shielding gasket material. RF engineers use this versatile flame retardant, nickel-coated conductive silicone material in EMI and RFI gasket applications, particularly if there is a need for UL 94V-0 certification.

Are technical specifications available?

Yes. You can get a complete product comparison here. Suffice to say that our unique nickel-coated graphite conductive silicone elastomer is both UL 94V-0 certified and tested in accordance with ASTM595 outgassing parameters, with and without conductive PSA applied.

Our Flame Retardant silicone products, Series No. 2100 & 5200, can be cut to virtually any shape or size and is available with or without conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). It’s also available in sheet and continuous roll stock to meet almost any specification or design requirement.

MAJR Products is here to ensure you have the right solutions for your military or civilian use applications, standards, and project requirements. The team at MAJR Products is here to help you confidently spec and source flame-retardant elastomer gasket solutions for your RF applications.

Where can you go for more information?

You’ve come to the right place to source all of your EFI and RFI shielding solutions. MAJR Products is an internationally recognized leader in designing and manufacturing EMI and RFI shielding products. Get in touch today. You can get in touch with us online, or simply visit our website and click the “Request a Quote” button on the upper right-hand side of any page. For more information, you can also call us anytime at (877) 625-6033.