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graphic.product.fingerstockMAJR Prodcuts’ fingerstock gaskets are made of Beryllium Copper and are ideal for repeated opening and closing applications where high attenuation performance and mechanical strength is required. Beryllium copper’s electrical properties provide shielding effectiveness over an extremely broad frequency range. Mechanically, Beryllium Copper yields a high deflection range, with low compression set. Beryllium Copper, alloy 25, is used for maximum spring properties of strength and fatigue resistance. A variety of fingerstock is also available in stainless steel. We feature RoHS Compliant Material, High EMI/RFI Attenuation, variety of platings and finishes and high temperature tolerance. Contact our factory for profiles and availability.

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  • Omni Track a single contact, compression force track-type finger with double adhesive transfer tape for ease of application.
  • Track Mounting symmetrical profile “in series” fingers to be mounted on track. Track provides the adhesive mounting method.
  • Snap-on Mounting symmetrical fingers designed to snap-on flanged areas in your application.
  • Stick-on Mounting provides a wide variety of profiles with one side of the profile supplied with double adhesive transfer tape to secure that side of the finger.
  • Clip-on Mounting design affords a “tapeless” solution with different size clips grabbing on to the flange in the customer design.
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